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The Tickle Pink Inn is an intimate, family-owned property where our gracious elegance, warm hospitality, and attention to detail have been the hallmarks of our service for more than fifty years.

Our reward is the kind comments we receive from our guests, many of whom return to Tickle Pink over and over to enjoy the spectacular ocean views, the private and romantic rooms, the exceptional amenities, and our gracious staff. We’re gratified to be able to share these comments from past guests of the Tickle Pink Inn, and we hope they’ll encourage you to visit us soon.

Please feel free to browse the collection of Tickle Pink Inn reviews below:

"The view was breath taking. We enjoyed driving to the 17 mile drive, walking around the town of Carmel, but we enjoyed so much just sitting at the balcony to watch the sunset."

"The hotel certainly has kept the charm, romance and hospitality of earlier days, combined with the little luxuries of more modern times….And the view!!!!!!! By far the most breathtaking ocean views and sunset---the website did not exaggerate. We left our drapes open all day to gaze at the ocean."

"The staff was very friendly, helping us to make reservations for dinner and giving us a map of Ocean Avenue….Other than when we wanted to ask a question, we saw them only a little. I particularly like this in a hotel, since I prefer to feel like I am in a private residence without staff being underfoot."

"This was hands down one of the best places we have stayed...and we have stayed at some pricey places. The service, room, views, complimentary champagne, wine & cheese and breakfast ALL were top notch."

"What an enchanting, utterly captivating place. Pure perfection on every level. We always had a place in our hearts for Carmel, but it has been reignited and forever captured by this Inn." 
"We have stayed in numerous places across the Nation and have always felt that we were in a hotel. At tickle Pink, we finally felt like we were home. We can't rave enough about the incredible "homey" feeling we got from our room."
"While five star hotels and resorts in Hawaii may feel like paradise, they don't compare to the amazing views and level of comfort that this Inn has provided over the last couple of days."
"Can we take the view and this lovely suite home with us? Nothing much could be better than peacefully waking to this awesome view. If it is possible, we are even more in love!"
"We expected that this place would be amazing, but it was even more than we could have expected. The first thing we did was get our phones out and take pictures to send to everyone at home to show them what we got to wake up to each morning."

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